(originally published in Mamalode magazine in 2014)

My mom and father met at the Kansas City Art Institute and married shortly after (realizing she was pregnant with me.) Apparently he was a brilliant artist — she admired his talents, and he had buyers for his art. But he placed his art above and beyond everything else. Including us. If he created a painting that was too large to get out of the house, he would knock a wall down, staple up some plastic, in the dead of winter and leave for a week to go sell his art in Chicago…


In the first week of March 2020, to answer a global need to collectively make sense of what was happening in our world, HATCH launched a series of weekly sessions called The Global Living Room. These produced an astonishing medley of diverse insights by systems thinkers, astronauts, scientists, technologists, CEOs, artists, academics, poets, and extraordinary humans from multiple countries around the world, working to understand inflection points, reframe challenges, and identify opportunities to create real solutions. We learned a great deal during these discussions, and they served as a ballast through the unraveling and unrest sparked by the murder of…

A Year of Pivots — see HATCH’s 2020 IMPACT REPORT.

2020 was the year in which it became clearer than ever that humanity is truly one community — one global living room. We faced the shared pain of a pandemic, raised our voices in unison against inequality, and offered what we could for our neighbors in terms of support and solidarity. Fires that ravaged Australia, the Amazon, Siberia and the western United States offered frightening evidence that we collectively need to act now to mitigate change and restore the health of this planet, so save the human species.

We also…

And who cares?

The concept of space settlement is no longer science fiction — the future is here. But why are we concentrating resources on space, when we have so many challenges facing humanity here on earth?

Some might say because it’s already too late to save the earth, and that space is potentially our only hope.

One of the major environmental concerns of our time is the increasing consumption of the Earth’s resources to sustain our way of life. Space has been on the minds of many visionaries as a possible solution for this looming challenge. And here we stand, only 2–3…

A story of friendship, impact, and the Big Brothers & Sisters Program

You may be the missing piece.

This is a story of mentorship and friendship that sparked within the Big Brothers and Sisters program. The friendship that blossomed has inspired the creation of two mentorship platforms that have impacted the lives of over a million lives.

I met Howard in 1979 when he was a junior undergrad at Montana State University. We were together for 2 years before Howard moved on to go to graduate school in Oklahoma City. I was 9, Howard was 19. In addition to volunteering…

(Updated 10/31/2018)

This story began as a thank you email, to the team of people who come together to support an endeavor called HATCH, something I founded in 2004. HATCH is a non-profit ecosystem that consists of two annual Summits, year-round mentorship programs, and a global network that connects to accelerate solutions for positive impact. We just finished our 24th cohort. HATCH is not a place of ideas. It’s a chemistry set of diverse individuals, industries, and expertise — collaborators, who cross-pollinate to accelerate solutions for positive impact and HATCH A Better World. …

Yarrow Kraner

Creative Alchemist, connector of dots, founder of www.HATCHexperience.org, founder of H360.ai

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